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Polished Dull Nickel

An example of polished dull nickel. About Polished Dull Nickel

Nickel is a lustrous white metal with a yellow tinge which can be polished to a high finish and is slow to tarnish

Dull nickel is the type of nickel used before 1930, and is polished to a high lustre after being plated to give a highly attractive finish.

Unlike bright nickel, which is hard, dull nickel is soft and ductile like copper. This means it's less likely to chip than bright nickel. It is also much more resistant to the weather. This is why vintage car parts are usually found to be in good condition for their age.

It can be distinguised from bright nickel as it has a slightly mellower colour and is soft and silky to the touch, where bright nickel feels hard and glassy.

Polished dull nickel is the authentic finish for plated metal before 1930 as chrome was not in use then.

How We Plate Polished Dull Nickel

Before any work can be plated it has to have the correct preperation.

It is important that a substantial layer of dull nickel is applied.

When dull nickel is plated it is a grey colour, it is then polished to a high shine to give an attractive finish.

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